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unique learning environments

Canal Connections is a Community Interest Company (CIC), which believes that the canal environment provides a unique learning environment, particularly for those who benefit through a practical and vocational experience. We believe that the canal environment is an asset which is under realised by both individuals and agencies who are seeking an alternative to traditional methods of engagement and empowerment.

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connecting with people

At Canal Connections we embrace the canals potential in connecting with people on a whole range of levels. For many people the introduction of a boat can bring the canal to life, whilst also providing a relaxing experience, often creating a sanctuary where people feel more able to engage with programmes of education, rehabilitation, reintegration or leisure.

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developing skills

At Canal Connections we aim to use the canal environment as a stimulus to support people develop new found skills and experiences and encourage people to embrace opportunities which enable them to promote themselves and the area through the delivery of services or development of products, for widespread community benefit.

Amongst our harder to reach communities this unique experience has encouraged a willingness amongst individuals to learn more and they themselves increasingly become ambassadors within their own communities.